HP 5920AF-24XG 10 GbE Switches

HP 5920AF-24XG 10 GbE Switches

The HP 5920 Switch Series provides high-density 10 GbE, ultra-deep packet buffering, top-of-rack (ToR) switches. Designed for HP FlexNetwork architecture, these switches are ideally suited for deployments at the server access layer of large enterprise data centers. They are also designed for content delivery networks, where they are used to mitigate the network congestion that is associated with heavy use of server virtualization, as well as bursty multimedia, storage applications, and other critical services.

With the increase in virtualized applications and server-to-server traffic, customers now require ToR switch innovations that can meet their needs for higher-performance server connectivity, convergence of Ethernet and storage traffic, the capability to handle virtual environments, and ultra-deep packet buffering – all in a single device.

Key features include:

  • Ultra-deep packet buffering
  • HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) for virtualization and two-tier architecture
  • High 10 GbE ToR port density
  • IPv6 support in ToR with full L2/L3 features
  • Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) and Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) readiness for virtualized networks

To accommodate Production network traffic, redundant HP 5920AF-24XG switches that are linked via IRF technology. Each 5920AF-24XG switch provides a total of 24 10 Gb switch ports. These switches are used to create a fully redundant active-active network design that can maximize throughput while isolating traffic.

These switches also support Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), which allows multiple physical ports to be bundled together to form a single logical channel. With LACP, multiple devices can communicate simultaneously at full single-port speed, without permitting any single device to monopolize traffic. Thus, in conjunction with IRF, aggregation groups can be connected to both switches in active/active mode.

The HP 5920AF-24XG switch provides 24 fixed 1 Gb/10 Gb SFP+ ports. Its performance can be characterized as follows:

  • 10 Gb latency: Less than 1.7 microseconds (with 64-byte packets)
  • Throughput: 367 million packets per second
  • Routing/switching capacity: 480 Gb
  • Routing table entries: 16,000
  • MAC address table entries: 128,000