How to set up an email client

Basic setting information for email services.

Mail server for all services: - recommended

SMTP Submission Port: 587 (do not use port 25 for SMTP submission/sending emails)
SMTP Submission Secondary Port: 366 - you can use it in case that your ISP is blocking port 587
SMTP SSL Port: 465

POP3 Port: 110
POP3 SSL Port: 995

IMAP4 Port: 143
IMAP4 SSL Port: 993

Webmail: - recommended
Mail Administration: - recommended

You can also use your domain name for email services, but there will be problem with SSL certificate, because it is issued for hostname and we don't recommend it.

Mail Administration:

Username: same as e-mail address of sender

Sending emails requires to enable SMTP authentication!!! In other case the error 550 5.7.1 We do not relay will be occured.

Sending emails requires SMTP authentication. Username and password are same for all mail services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Groupware, ...). Sender email address must be same as authenticated user to SMTP service.

Applies To

Email server

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