Web Hosting (DISCOUNT)

  • ASP.NET 2.0-4.5.1, PHP 5.3-5.5
  • MS SQL Server Web, MySQL 5.6
  • up to 100 GB web and email space
  • up to 10 TB monthly traffic
  • up to 25 databases
  • up to 2 GB RAM for .NET

from € 1.4 / month* (PROMO)

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Cloud Servers (DISCOUNT)

  • up to 120 GB RAM and 32 vCPUs
  • Remote Desktop access
  • Windows Server license included
  • High available network infrastructure
  • SSD acceleration
  • Replication or backup (optional)

from € 8.50 / month* (PROMO)

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Domains (DISCOUNT)

  • More than 400 TLDs:
  • .com .net .org .info .biz .name
  • eu .cz .sk .pl .de .es
  • .it .fr .co.uk .ro .ru .se
  • .at .ch .nl .be .ie .li .lt .lv
  • .cc .cx .dj .nu .to .tv .ws ...

from € 1.8 / year* (PROMO)

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* Prices are discounted and calculated for lowest configurations or cheapest products. It does NOT contain any additional services. For higher configurations, other products or additional services will be final price higher. Prices are excluding VAT amount.